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Professional Graphite Electrode Supplier For Saving Your Production Cost

Morkin Carbon is an enterprise who produces graphite electrode, graphite block and other graphite products which is used in the industries of steel and alloys smelting. The production capacity of graphite electrode is 50000 Tons per year.

Morkin not only have the entire process of production and processing facilities, but also have a large number of blank sizes from diameter 75 mm to 1200 mm in our warehouse. We are equipped with a full range of after-sales services, and we will unconditionally cooperate with customers to solve problems that occurs during the use of the product. Meanwhile, we have full quality management from raw material to finished products, “Quality is nonnegotiable” this is the principle that lead us forward.

For more than two decades, we have been providing high-quality sources for large-scale foreign steel mills. like large steel plants in South Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Russia, etc., are unanimously recognized by customers.


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Experienced technical and sales personnel form a professional team to provide product consultation and the most competitive price  support in the market.


Support third-party inspection, provide documents, and cooperate with customers' shipping requirements


Track and guide the use of graphite electrodes on the client side in the whole process, and wait for customer feedback. If there is any adverse reaction caused by product quality, our company will be responsible for deploying or paying for a new batch of graphite electrodes.

The technical team also always do the on-spot visit and communication with customer before and after sales.

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